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* I moved the thread to help you get more exposure.

First, welcome to TRT!

Now......this is one of those hobbies where 'bigger is better'....OFTEN. So that being said if everything is equal, I'd go with the 40 gallon breeder.....nice size and dimensions.

STOCKING......Dragonets/Mandarins are not options for a new system. They are listed as EXPERT ONLY for good reasons, their diets. With rare instances they only eat PODS....a LOT OF THEM.....CONSTANTLY. Small mouths and bellies, so 2-3 feedings a day won't keep them healthy as they can only eat so much at one time. They require a CONSTANT food source, thus a large, mature tank. Just 'introducing them' won't be enough, as you'd go broke buying bags of them to continually re-introduce. Given the right conditions over time, you can have a system suitable for them, but will be a while.
SORRY.....they are gorgeous, incredible fish that EVERYONE WANTS, so sadly we see way too many failures.

And to throw more rain on the parade, .......

or use the clowns to start the nitrogen cycle
......This is a very outdated method for 'cycling' our new systems. We now simply add a piece of table shrimp, uncooked/unseasoned and allow it to decay in our tanks cycling them without any further intervention. Another method that's popular is either adding 'products that promote cycling' the tank, or adding ammonia till it cycles.....both require careful monitoring, and has had plenty of instances where things go generally we advocate the table shrimp method and just let Mother Nature do her thing.

Hope all the 'negatives' this early don't discourage you, but it'll save a WHOLE LOT OF HEART BREAK latter.

All the best,
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