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I will be in Atlanta tomorrow looking to fill some of my new tank and thought I'd say hello.

I'm getting back in the hobby after 5 years (pics of last tank on website) and would be interested in taking anything off your hands that you may want to depart with (any sps, Macros, xenia, etc). I will pay or offer future trades with you all once I get my new tank back up to where it was.

Also, I'm about 30 minutes from Aquatic Wildlife Co (Captive Bred Corals) and would love to have y'all stop by on your way up if you visit there. I was fortunate to spend a lot of time with Dana Riddle when he used to be there at AWC and Albert Thiel when he'd pass by to visit.

I started with a DSB back in 97 and appreciated all their help. I also was fortunate to borrow a few of their (at the time) newly raised Berghia's and also experienced the planaria eating nudibranchs that they had just received. But I'm sure since I've been absent from the hobby for a while, that this stuff is all "old news" to you all. So I look forward to learning a lot more of the newer stuff from you all.

Hopefully I will get to meet you all soon at a club meeting and share in your experiences. I find this the best way to learn!

Regards, Dale:beer:
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