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New Full Tank Pic

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This is my first attempt at reefkeeping. It is a 120g and is 7 months old. I couldn't really get it in focus. Do u think i should try Manual focus instead of auto focus? Anyways! It's been fun working through massive algae wars with this thing!


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Hi, Wow, that tank looks great. I like the way you have all the rock going up the back leaving lots of room to add things on the sand in front.

I am not a camera expert but autofocus may be fooled by the reflection off the glass.

Awesome looking reef aquarium and a hobbyist after my own heart with the aquascaping! I love it!!:D

Homer thanks for the tip on auto focusing as I will try a full tank shot with manual settings!:)
THANKS SO MUCH for your comments! It means a lot to me! For the first several months there was so much single celled algae that i was doing 50 percent Water Changes every day! Looking at the reefs on TRT and the expertise that you all possess kept me going! Thanks again! :D
that really is some cool aquascaping. i really dont like alot of rocks in a tank but that is awesome!!!!

keep up the good work:beer:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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