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Just ordered an mp40w for my 90g. finally i get to see some little waves. lol

also found a 6 bulb 24in retro for my 20g for the low low. its been made into a neat little over tank open canopy type thing, like all the bulbs and IR are mounted to a little skeleton like stand, all its needs is some wood put over it and vents for heat. then ill have a nice little frag tank for some zoas and low light sps.

30 peppermint shrimp will be here tomorrow, along with a fighting conch and 2 serpent stars(maybe brittle, whichever is reef safe)

lastly i am going to pick up some more corals this weekend
pink lemonade, chips acro, bubblegum monster chalice, rainbow granulosa, turaki, and candlelight acro. maybe a few others once i get there and see the rest. the guy likes to drop the price depending on quantity =)

And there will be pics when everything arrives.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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