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Hey my tanks specs are
30 gallon long
36-12-16 i think
2.5 inches sand bed
20 pounds sand 10 punds crushed coral
20 pounds of live rock
agua clear 200 with carbon spong and chemi-pure
2 submersible power filters for water movement on the top of the water
2 800 gallon per hour fan type power heads
3 damsles
10 astrae snails
8 blue hermits
temp 78-83
1 green star polyp
2 65 watt 50 50 power compacts

I have to problems My water became cloady out of nowhere and my nitrates were up to 160 ppm but i got it down to 40 real quick. Now everything is at at 0 phosphate,nitrate,nitrite,amonia
ph is at 8.0-8.6. and also my sand under my liverock is grey and around the live rock. as well as the bottem of the livrock under the sand. The sand is grey under the top level. the top is normal white. It also started to smell like sulfer when I strured it up. also the cloadyness came after i added more liverock and cleaned the ditruss out of the sponges on the aqua clear 200 and 2 intank filter. Any help wpould be apreciated the info on the web is driving me nuts literally i cant take it any more my college grades are dropping over this!
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