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Yesterday I bought 2 ocellaris clownfish for my 29 gallon (soon to be) reef. The tank is 8 weeks old and finished cycling around 4 weeks ago. There has also been a six line wrasse in the tank for a week (who was initially aggressive to the clowns, but calmed down pretty quickly). The larger, soon-to-be female clown has 3 white spots on her tail and the area of the body close to the tail, each spot with a diameter of around 1/8'' (which is pretty big on a 1.5'' clownfish). She didn't have these spots yesterday. Is this Ich? A fungal infection? Something else? Thanks for the help. Oh and by the way, the clown is still acting normally.
EDIT: After an hour, the spots have disappeared! Case closed I guess?! :)


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