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Rosceafacia Wrasse..... Awesome reef fish
Masuda Hog..... Also known as a Peppermint Hog...Another sweet reef fish
Scott's Fairy Wrasse ....Fiji
Lubbocks Wrasse
Red Stripe Gobt.... Nano
Orange Spot Goby with Shrimp Partner
Blue Speckled Goby
Diamond Goby
Bluespotted Watchman Goby
Watanbie Angel.... Mated Pair
Lamark's Angel..... Mated Pair
Threadfin Cardnials
Bristletooth Tang...Juvie
Orange Shoulder Tang
Clown Tang
Naso Tang.... Sm & Med
Naso Tang...Blonde with Streamers
Yellow Eye Kole Tang
Blue Eye Tang
Powder Blue Tang
Hippo Tangs ....Tiny.... the size of a dime
Sailfin Tangs...Tiny, Sm & Med
Coral Beauty.... Red & Blue
Queen Angel Adult & Juvies
Blue Face Angel

Red Blastos some with blue centers, green centers
Tri - Color Hammer
Tri - Color Frogspawn
Red Goniopra
Pink Zoos
Orange Zoos
Red Zoos
Florida Ricorida..... blue, green & orange


Crocea 2" - 3" Blue
Crocea Golden
Squamosa Neon Green
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