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Okay i got some new additions last night they look great. I just turned lights on about 20 mins ago so not much is open yet ill have to take some pictures later in the day. I got some neon green trumpet candy cane *11 heads*, a rock of mushrooms at least 10 with two new little mushrooms growing on it *my guess there spreading good to know* and some pulsing xenia i loved the color of these and although i still have the offer for some xenia from another reefer i couldnt pass these up This small frag has 4 stalks and one of them is starting to split.

Lights just on it was added to the tank about 12 hours ago but lights have been off. there are 11 heads.

At least two of the heads have two mouths. *spliting maybe not sure how it works with these*

I loved these xenia after looking at all the pinks and reddish colored ones i saw these bluish/green and loved it they were all balled up before lights came on and after 20 mins there opening up and the stalks are not layed over so im happy

lol i got these mainly cause my son picked them. It was these or some really fuzzy *longer tenticle* mushrooms there were only about 6 to 8 of the fuzzy mushrooms on a round rock i couldnt decide and yes i almost bought them both lol

within the first min of the food going in the tank this bottom head u can see its mouth turned they had the little tenticles out when i put them in last night i have them set so i add the food in front of the powerhead that blows at them so they get the food first up. *there are some feather dusters on the base too*

thats my new additions what do u think. i thought i got a great deal on the candy cane. all three together was less then 100 bucks. there are about 6 different colored sponges on the mushroom rock to purple green red white and orange. may be more but i got tired of looking at the bottom of it lol. ill take pictures later when everything is more open
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