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hey guys this is my first post and am looking forward to getting any replys.

i have a 90L aquaone with about 15-19kg of live rock in there with 2 pieces of dry rock, i have a uv filter along with the stock standard aqua one internal filter,crappy ebay wave maker and stock light for now. protein skimmer is on the way and am bidding for a 300L chiller on ebay, man its hard to find a small tank chiller. got some photos posted and am keen for any input to my tank, also want a place to post my progress to and this site is pimp! i am 2 weeks into my cycling stage and my reading are 0 ammonia, nitrite is off the scales bad and nitrate is almost no existent, PH 8.2 last time i checked. i also have this 170 watt cree LED aquarium light ready to install soon.

any suggestions please throw them at me! good or bad, hit me! i have done alot of research before this and really want to take my time to produce hopefully a small and unique reef/fish aquarium

im not sure about softcorals as of yet so some input on suggestions is greatly appreciated.

thanks guys.


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