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I posted my specs here awhile back. thought I'd update. Tank cycled quickly with all of my live rock from my smaller tank. I've since added some sps and Lps corals.

1 frog spawn,10 Eagle Eye polyps,1 Green Star Polyp frag (Growing like crazy),1 Blue tip Acropora, 1 Bubble Tip Anemone

All my fish from my smaller tank. 2 Clowns, 1 Yellow Tang, 1 chromi, 1 Blue Tang, and 1 Flame Angel. Not here yet but on order 1 foxface, 1 Orange spotted Goby and 1 Bartlett's Anthias. No more fish for this tank.

Everything is going nice and easy right now.

90 gal display tank,20 gal long sump,2 Aquatic life Led fixtures 72 watts per fixture,Tunze wave box,Koralia pumps & controller,Eheim 1262 return pump,
SWC 160 protein skimmer,Tunze auto top off,2 BRS reactors 1 for carbon & 1 for gfo,2 dosing pumps for cal and Alk,Digital aquatics reef lite controller


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