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hi all i need a little advice. i have started a 75 gallon RR 3' x 18 " x 22ish tank.

i have not set the light shedule yet ut it will consist of a 250 MH SE, 2x65 PC and about 26 watts of 460nm moonlights. 100 lbs of suger size sand and about 125 lbs of once live rock with dead corals on it.

for about a month in trash cans i scrubbed and hosed them off everyday.


for about 3 weeks i had the tank fully set up with sand and rocks, and all normal reef equipment but didnt add any salt. the reason for this was to do a complete temperature check of the system with MH running for 5 days. all is well at 80 degrees and stable.


next i drained all the fresh water and added salt and ro water. the water was very cloudy so i added 2x K3 s and started running the skimmer ( octo extreme 160) to skim the tiny particals out.

the water is clear salinity is alittle high at 1.029 measured with a swing arm hydrometer. i have a real refractometer comming in a week.

i have noticed some small cyno colored thinks growing but not like a mat more like a sea cabbage. they are to small to photo atm.

should i cycle the tank with the skimmmer on ?

is it possible that soaking the rocks and sand in tap water lest tons of nitrates behind to start the cyno grouth.

i have not had the brown algea bloom yet. salt has been in the tank for a week.

sorry for all the run ons thx for all teh help.
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