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I just started my first saltwater aquarium about 6 weeks ago and found this site about a month ago. I'm still trying to learn how to find my way around here. I posted something about a month ago and couldn't find my thread, how do we find our past threads?

I'm also wondering what pumps to use in my setup, and I see conflicting info on here, so don't know what to believe. I have 5 right now already, and would like to use them instead of buying anymore. They are

*Marineland MJ 1200
*Marineland MJ 400
*Cobalt MJ 600
*a pump that came with my skimmer that says 2000 L/H, but doesn't have a brand on it
*and the return pump I've been using that's a Tetra 550 gph

I need pumps for the following
*Return pump from my sump
*Coralife 125 skimmer
*PhosBan 150
*1 or 2 for water circulation in the tank

After converting the 2000 L/H to GPH for the one pump, I see it's close to the same as the other pump rated at 550 gph. I'm also seeing in the instruction manuals for my other pumps some confusing info that is throwing me off. For ex: "MJ 1200 Fax flow GPH 295" and "circulation pump mode 1300." I know that the lower rating is if I was to use them as pumps, so the MJ 1200 600 and 400 are all lower than my other two. I'm also assuming that since the the 2000 L/H pump came with the skimmer that I should use it for the skimmer, and continue using the 550 G/H for my return.
As far as my other three, the MJ 1200 600 and 400, should I use the weaker of them (the 400) for the phosban reactor (which I only plan to use for carbon currently, till I eventually get coral in about 6 months). The reactor has a valve to slow the water rate, so it doesn't even the the 400 full strength. Then, should I use the MJ 1200 and 600 for circulation? I haven't used either of these pumps yet, nor my skimmer and carbon reactor, but plan to set them up this week. I've had the mj400 for circulation, and it seems to really push my fish, but my angel keeps pooping all over the tank, and in three days the bottom of my take is looking bad. It sinks and never even gets to the top for my overflow to pick up. I could put the mj 600 and 1200 in the tank for circulation with the 400 for the phosban reactor, but it's only a 29 gallon, and don't want to blow my clown or damsel to the point where it kills them, and I'm noticing my mj 400 I'm currently using for circulation is already strong enough that it's pushing my live sand to the point where it's moving more than I want it to. Would adding the 600 and 1200 be too much for circulation, and how should I set them up, because there are a few adapters for each, and don't know which to use. I'm also confused on where to up them in the tank because the 400 seems to circulate the water in a way that causes the little bit of fish poop that doesn't settle at the bottom, to not go near my overflow. The 600 also doesn't have a propeller, but only an impeller, the 400 and 1200 have both.

I've been trying to get answers to this for about 4 hours now looking up information, but different things are conflicting and don't know what to believe, please help
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