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Hi all!!!!!!!!!!!:fish:
I just started a 29 gal saltwater tank about a month ago. im planning on moving my fish coral and such from my 5 gal that i have going(they need more room:rolleyes:)

this tank has been running for about a month and is almost done cycling
What i have right now
5-10 pounds of live rock
20-30 pounds of dead base rock
crushed coral sand not live
30 gal nano protein skimmer
40 gal hang on back canister filter
power head
10 gal sump refugium with some filter media then live rock and chato algae(i think)

the fish im moving to it:
1 false pacula clown fish
1 yellow watchmen goby
2 high fin striped goby
4 hermit crabs
1 snail
1 feather duster

Corals that i will be moving:
Star polops
Red and green mushrooms
a zooanthid group
a kenya tree
5 pieces of live rock

Question what would be good tank mates for my 29 gal with the fish im putting in there?

Thanks and nice to meet you!!
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