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New 156G Reef Tank

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Finally I have a nice big tank!! A great upgrade from my 55 gal. Now my fish have plenty of room to swim.


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Looks Great, White sand and not a speck of coraline! Now look at all that room you have now for more corals.:thumbup:
Now I just have to figure out what to put in it. My frogspawn broke into a few pieces during the move from one tank to the other....large ones that is...anybody up for a trade?
Is that the Oceanic ultimate that was in the back at Bioreef?
you upgraded in less than two years. I think I jokingly told you you would upgrade soon when you got the 55g from me :)
Looks great - all nice and clean unlike mine at the moment
tank looks great!!!! nice up grade
Yep...its the Oceanic that was in the back of Bioreef. Its awesome, the cabinet its very user friendly and the wife says it looks great with our furniture.

Ya Kimber....I kept filling that 55 up with rock and coral and ran out of room. Thanks for getting me started in this hobby.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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