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Ok, so I'm starting a brand new 100g FOWLR tank. I have been reading these threads for several weeks and would like to start off by saying how much all of the post have helped in my decision making process. Thank you to everyone.

I currently have the tank 100g pre-drilled and built the stand and will be starting to buy everything else this week. Going to start out buying:

Pump-Ocean runner 3500
protein skimmer- Super space saver octopus xp 1000sss
Heater-Ebo Jager 17" 250W
Lights- 48" AQUALIGHT COMPACT FLUOR. RETROFIT KIT W/ 4-65W with Two 65 watt 10,000K and two 65 watt True Actinic 03 Blue (going to build the canopy)
Wireless thermometer
Test kits by salifert and refractometer by Milwaukee

I'm planning on getting premium cured fiji live rock from aloha aquariums (web company). Looking at about 100-110 lbs. Any info on this company or opinions?

Will be either buying the water from LFS or purchasing a RO/DI filter to make my own. Need to know how many stages I need. Looking at a 4 or 5 stages. Opinions on good filters

Does all this look good for the system I want to run? Like I said, FOWLR aggressive type tank. Probably looking at a dwarf lion, snowflake eel, maybe a miniatus grouper and a dogface buffer.

I know I need a sump or wet dry system, but I'm confused on which one. Some say a sump/refugium is all I need, but others are saying a wet/dry system with bio filtration is better. Which one is better for a FOWLR set up. Do I need to put anything in the refugium? Thought a sump was basically a place to put skimmers, heaters and so forth but to also add water to the system for stability. HELP!!!

Second, the live rock. Was going to just do a "curing" process by putting the rock in the tank and running all the filtration and cleaning up the drop off stuff from the bottom of the tank for about a month or so, and adding water to top it off. When the curing is done, put sand substrate in the tank then aqua scape with the rock.
Now I'm reading about this cooking method.
What is the difference in the two and is one going to help with the algae and other bad stuff in the long run of the tank more than the other?

QT tank. is 10 gal enough with some type of sponge filter system. Was going to put a sponge in the main tank sump and move it over to QT tank when it is used for fish. Using only water from the main tank to set up the QT tank.

So as you can see, I'm definitely a NEWBIE but do have some basic knowledge from a previous fish only tank about 18 years ago. I must say that the technology and resources have changed a lot since then. I'm looking for all the help I can get so I don't fail miserably on this adventure.

Please feel free to add any and all opinions. I would love a sucessful tank and this fourm is a great source of information.

Thanks in advance.


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Thanks for the input, just ordered my RO/DI filter from, Got the 90 CSPDI. Should be here in a few days. The going to pick up the rock and start the cooking process.

Was also looking at some dry base rock, about 60-70 lbs from macrorocks and then adding about 30 or so lbs of live cooked rock to seed it. How long will I have to wait to add fish after putting the cooked live rock in with the dry rock?

Still would like some more opinions and any comments.

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Yes, It has a 2x4 in the middle in the front and back and then a 2x4 angled across the back connecting both sides.

As you can see, my step daughter is extremely excited for the new fish tank!! She really wants a zebra eel.

So update, Ordered the pump and also decided on 2 Koralia EVO 750's for a little extra and also to help cook the rock, Ordered salt also so as soon as everything comes in, can go pick up the love rock and get it started!
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