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Nero 5 Help

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Hi there,

Currently, in my 40g breeder, I have a negative space aquascape set up, an idea courtesy of BRS, but the only problem is that it creates a lot of dead spots. Right now I have two Tunze Turbelle 6015 and one ReefWave 25 (along with a decently powerful return). I can't tell if this is too much flow or not. I have bubble-tip anemone on the way. My question is... Would you recommend replacing both Tunzes with Nero 5s or just having one Nero 5?(or even Nero 3s)

Thank you!
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If you have multiple dead spots and can’t get rid of them by moving power heads it might be that more smaller units might be what you need.
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Welcome. Can you post a picture? My first thought was to have strong flow coming from opposite sides of the tank and colliding at the dead space. The thought being it would send the water pushing outward from the center of the tank and be randomly turbulent in that area.
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