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NeoZeo or ZeoVit Method....any users?

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I am thinking about taking my SPS to a higher color level, and would like to know if anyone here is using one of the Neo/Zeo methods? I totally understand how to use the ZeoVit method and might take the plunge soon, but thought that I could take advantage of the NeoZeo method since the local stores sell it. Problem is that I cant understand how to practice the NeoZeo method.......Just need some guidence!

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i do the low nutrient additive system. i use reef fresh by polyp labs. my corals colors i think speak for themselves.
Can you tell me a bit about it?

Got a tank pic?
pm me your email

i can attach pics and explain there is a thread here that has a pic of my tank jan or feb meeting maybe,

i'll be in te mountains tomorrow w my boys meeting the incoming snow w our boards tho.
ok pg 3 of february meeting has a few FTS
Frank did did you go to the Law Enforcement day in NC?
no ubfortunately i found out afterwords. we went to beech and easily had 6-8" fall as we were there. even took a quick trial run through the closed new terrain park and managed to not get caught by ski patrol. is that annual only?
Yeah i think it is the 1st Thursday in Feb. This was my 1st time skiing and I am bad at it. I had little kids trying to help me get up after I would slide down the mountain on my face. Next year should be better though,
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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