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Need my first ID!

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Hey Guys, needing my first ID!

I was worried this was some kind of Aiptasia.

whatcha guys think??

(sorry if it loads slow didn't have software to resize properly on hand.)

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Doesnt' look like Aiptasia to me, but I have no clue what it actually is.
Pretty interesting.
i know what it is let me get link
anyway run a search on pseudocorynactis
im well aware of the dreaded rc, but i have never seen thread on here with that
Its not aiptasia - its a sps? coral. I have several colonies in my tank. They are very abundant on aquacultured rock from gulf waters. They are good filter feeders and will even enjoy some meaty stuff. They do not require heavy lighting but they don't seem to mind it either. They will sting others so watch what you put near them.
Thanks for the input mnreefman and reefrock! I *DID* find some LR with some aiptasia on it, but it was only a small part, and I just took it out of my holding tank and its airdrying on the deck for now. The little things in the pic are only about a dime sized, and seem to be ok. Freaky just seeing the life on my LiveRock is so much fun to do :p
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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