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I need some input on this lighting setup.
I have a 150g (48" L x 24" T x 30" W) tank. I want to use dual 400w MH using XM 20k bulbs as the main lighting source. I also have a spare dual 175w MH 10k Ushios that I would like to use in the canopy. Can I mount the 400w closer to the front of the tank and then the 175w towards the back of the tank (where the rocks would let some corals be closer to the water's surface). I also have 2 NO flourescent bulbs that I can use as well. Is this over kill for my tank? I'm going to keep LPS, softies, zoo's and ricordias, and slowly add SPS. Right now I have everything in my 55g under the 175w. Any input would be appreciated.
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