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i bought some sps frags from a local reefer here and i am kinda worried.. this stem was kinda in a shade and was a little more pale than i thought it should be, it could be just the way it is but i wasnt sure.. i think it needs to color up..

the thing is i dunno if i should put it in full light, or not so full light, or what..

here is a pic.. it is a red planet

you see this 2nd one is a picture of one that look like the one i got it from so it looks normal to be kinda white underneath... but i want your opinion.. more light, less light.. or good enough.. i am judging flow by PE..

i have more than 20 frags of sps now, i have only lost one, i have fought a round of rtn with my monti caps.. it started when i epoxied a green cap to a rock.. it bleached everywhere the epoxy was, then shortly after it started to rtn, then it spread to another, then another... i stopped it by fragging off the afflicted areas.. the pieces that got it had been falling, or other random things... so stress started it, i dont know if its bacterial of what but it scares me so bad..
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