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Nano SIG?

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I was just wondering when the next nano meeting will be. I want to come but I dont know if we would have a football game that weekend or not. If I remember right it will be on a sat. sometime in sept?

Also is there any chance of having like a get togeather/dinner somewhere and people bring a dish and family memebers??

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I believe the meeting will be in the 4th weekend of the month... so the 27th. Can anyone confirm?
Man, if it is the 27th I will be at the Tennessee game at Tennessee.... but oh well... GO COCKS!
Yes it will be the 27th

Trying to firm up the plans now --- will let you all know something shortly.
I am definately interested in that BBQ get together you are proposing. It is starting to cool off and a BBQ would be good. Maybe Charles could provide us with some rogue crabs to steam?
Justin won't be able to make it, but I should be there as well as Lisa. Just need to know where. I am making sure no appointments for me that day.

I have to work at Piedmont Hospital that day so dont know if i will be able to make it. According to were it is.
Just one more day everyone and I'll have all the details finalized --- Will be an awesome meeting and field trip if all goes as planned.
Any news? You're keeping us on the edge of our seats ck!
Hey Charles! Are you going to tell them or shall I? ;)
I tell them by the end of the weekend --- just want them to be tortured a little longer.
I bet i know where it is going to
OK everyone for a quick sneek preview of the up comming meeting --- Didn't want you all to fall off your seats so to speak.

The Meeting will be Saturday, Sept 27th, at 12:00 noon

This will be held at Nicole's house (9fishers) in Peach Tree City on the south side of Atlanta.

The field trip afterwards will be to The Fish Garden in Newnan GA. The Fish Garden is a ARC sponsor and is one of the niceest Reef stores in all of Atlanta. If you have never been to The FIsh Garden this will make the perfect excuse to go and you won't be sorry. I just spoke with Eric the owner and he assured me they would be more than happy to have our group come and invade their store. And just like our first field trip we should be able to get a nice deal on a few corals and frag them up so all can get a piece.

I will make an official announcement in a seperate thread including directions to Nicole's house and The Fish Garden.

If we have any frag trading/selling for this meeting please wait and do it in the offical announcement thread (I will get that thread done by the end of the weekend).

I will also send out an E-mail announcement.
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Excellent! I've been looking for a good excuse to make the drive to Newnan and check out The Fish Garden.
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