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1. you only need 10 pounds of live rock
2. 96 watts would work may be a little over kill
3. with the power head you may not need a heater i would check the tank while it cycles to see how low the temp goes.
4.peppermint shrimp, a clown, a snail, a hermit or two would be good, mushrooms, zoas
5. if you want to run a skimmer you could buy the one for the biocube it is air driven and it would suction cup to the inside of the tank.
6. i would run bare bottom no sand unless you are willing to clean every week
agreed with chrisd on the live rock amount. I have a 10g with 12 lbs of live rock and even that seems like a bit too much for this size of tank. I wish I had maybe got some smaller pieces than I did.

also on the lighting, I only have 40 watts of lighting on my 10g. I'm using the Current USA 20" 1x40 watt PC fixture and I've loved it so far.

Not a bad price and fits PERFECTLY on this tank. Comes with leggs for the light that worked excellent for me.

I'm housing mostly softies and 1 sps frag of pink birdsnest. The lighting is perfect for my leathers, shrooms, and yellow polyps. Even my sps frag is actually growing. It's branches have extended out about a half inch in the last 4 months I have had it although it's color most likely isn't as good as it would be under brighter lighting.

Your filter may be perfect for circulation. I'm not sure. I haven't used it myself. I had an aquaclear 20 filter I was using in mine for a couple months. Didn't create much flow. I consequently have a couple hydor koralia nanos in the tank attached to a JBJ Ocean Pulse duo for wave control. The nanos are on seperate sides of the tank pointed up at the water surface. They switch on and off alternating at 20 second intervals. Seems to work good for my tank.

Anyways, best of luck with yours though. Just remember to take it slow and get a good schedule of water changes going to keep your water pristine and you'll have a great little reef. IMHO nanos really aren't nearly as difficult as people make them out to be. Yeah they are a little more on the maintenance perhaps but doing a 10% water change on a 10 gallon tank probably isn't nearly as difficult as doing a 10% change on a 90 gallon. :D
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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