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I had 4 large snails and in the past 2 days 3 of them wound up dead and empty, as far as i know i have nothing that will kill snails, I have the following

2 false percula
1 yellow tang
1 6 line wrasse
1 regal tang
1 sabae anemone
1 large black brittle star
1 tree coral
2 zenia
1 large colony of star polyps
1 medium size colony of hammers
some normal bristle worms and a large feather duster.
50 lbs of live rock

is there something that kills snails that may be able to hide that i dont know i have?? just weird they have all vanished from there shells in just 2 days after being in there so long..

my tank params 55gal tank
ph 8.3
nitrate 10ppm
nitrite 0ppm
calcium 390
alkalinity around 300
water temp at night 78 by day 80
lights PC 4x65watts 2-12000k white and 2 true actinic blue
power head 600 gph
large skimmer
5 tray canister filter 300 gph

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dont know how old they were they were fairly decent size when i got them but its just strange for them all to die at the same time i bought 4 at one time and 3 died between yesterday and today i have had them for about 2 months i dont know what there lifespan is but surely they all didnt die from old age at the same time...
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