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My turn to be Ms Earlybird on TRT (Wednesday)

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Good Mawnin' TRT!!!

I've got a confounded lipid test tomorrow rather later on this AM, and I've had to starve myself for 14 hours. No food or water! Ackkkkk!!!

heheheh I really did want to be the first one on this early side to see what it's like ;)

Nitee nite and Good Mawnin' too!

Lots of love and hugs and peace to all of you :)

and special cuddles for the babies.
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cath said:
...I've got a confounded lipid test tomorrow AM...
Sounds like an al-niter with the books, but just in case you want them, I have the answer sheet for this exam... ...but it will cost ya... :D

one fereebie, the first answer is "all of the above"
...and yes, it IS 11:30 and I DID just get out of bed and the COFFEE is EXCELLENT!!!

CONGRATS Alice!!! (I think ;rolleyes: ...), Here's to new beginnings!!! Does this mean that you're going to have Puget Sound water in the tank??? you MIGHT need to look AT THIS ... I especially like the I-5 and Yesler road cameras at 8:55 am your time

...the 7 boxes of LR are in the little kiddie pools and there is circulation going, but I did stay up till 3 rearranging the rock so that all of it is under water (heh, THAT was a job!)...
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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