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My turn to be Ms Earlybird on TRT (Wednesday)

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Good Mawnin' TRT!!!

I've got a confounded lipid test tomorrow rather later on this AM, and I've had to starve myself for 14 hours. No food or water! Ackkkkk!!!

heheheh I really did want to be the first one on this early side to see what it's like ;)

Nitee nite and Good Mawnin' too!

Lots of love and hugs and peace to all of you :)

and special cuddles for the babies.
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mornin everyone.

well i'm off to HD in a bit to pick up the lumber for stevejess's canopy. yes that's right he commisioned ME to build it for him :D

let's hope i do a better job on someone elses stuff than i do on mine LOL

i went out to jump in my pool yesterday, to cool off, WRONG!! the pool was 110 degrees!!!!!! my pump cut out, and the water was just sitting there heating under the solar cover, with no circulation! and it's only a 12' x 36" pool (for asia and her friends)

i got the cleaner net, and circulated the water some (the water below was a bit cooler) but even afterwards, the water was still 85 degrees :eek:

oh well, it felt nice to lay on the raft anyway. i should have put in a venturi pump and pretended i was in a jacuzzi :funny:

anyway, off to HD with me.

havea great day everyone!

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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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