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My Tank.....

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Best I could do with this Nikon 5700....I really must learn to use this camera!

These are the first full shots of my tank. Tank specs:

135 Oceanic tall
2 X 250 Iwaski
4 X URI VHO Actinic /Icecap 660
2 X 1" SeaSwirl (one on Velocity T-4 Closed Loop)
30g Refugium
30g Sump
Knopp 1502 Calcium Reactor
DIY Nielsen Kalk Reactor w/ Vario pump
EuroReef CS8-2 Skimmer
AquaController II Pro

2 X Purple FireFish
1 X Red FIreFish
2 X Percula CLown
1 Yellow Tang
1 Naso Tang
1 Lawnmower Blenny
1 Mandarin Dragonette
1 Comet (Sea Beta)
1 Shrimp Goby
1 Carpenter Wrasse
1 Pistol Shrimp
2 X Sand-sifting star
2 X Orange Linkia star
1 Black/Red Cucumber
1 Tiger Tail Cucumber
2 X Cowries
1 Queen Conch
1 Derasa Clam
2 X Crocea Clam



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Your Naso seems to have a nose for the pictures!! The tank looks great.
Yea...he is fascinated with the blinking light on the camera when I set it on the timer....These were the only shots where he wasn't front-and-center

What a ham!

Great tank!

What colorful inhabitants! All I see locally seems to be brown and tan.

Where do you shop? ;)

I just got the LR for my 20G high last Saturday and keep staring at it incessantly, and checking the parameters.

The rock looks so much better than Aqua Serene's and Pet Time's!
(and I hope it doesn't turn into that kind of lifeless stuff after the curing is complete!).

Susanne aka Siskiou
I mostly go to Portland at Upscales and such....

I am currently working on a business plan to open a coral propagation and retail sales shop in Eugene....maybe....

Tank looks awesome!!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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