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Hesitate to post this, as I'm undergoing changes as we speak, (new refugium and goodbye to Mr. Tomato clown)
67 gallon Oceanic systems tank with overflow box into an Oceanic Systems sump, with bioballs and Urchin C skimmer. Magdrive 700gph return. auto float switch with 4 gallon topoff kept supplied with Kalkwasser, Seachem Reef Complete, and Reef Builder on alternating weeks. Small fan directed at the sump is my only chiller (and works!)
Lighting - 250W 12000K ushio, and 4-55W actinic PC with 4" autofan
70# LR 4" mixed sandbed
fish - coral beauty, yellow tang, tomato clown(1 small) yellowtail and blue damsels.
Corals - mostly frags, Green nepthea, green brain, open brain, frogspawn, fungia, long-tentacled mushroom leather, gorgonian
1 beautiful blue clam
lots of hermits, snails, conch, bristle and spaghetti worms.
Confession - tank has only been set up for six months. At two weeks I put a brown acro frag 1" long into it, now over 2" with many budding branches, and he's turned fluoro-green!
Only losses have been a bta, yellow leather(mela-fix to cure coral beauty got him), and one firefin goby who leaped to his death into the spathiphylum
I'm a water chemist by trade, so I'm a bit obsessive about parameters, only problem has been temp., (got to 86 one afternoon, but fan has cured that, runs 79-81 now) use an Orion 250A to monitor pH, ORP, and temp.
I do use carbon, at least for a while after the bta died. Use RO/DI out of my 250gpm system at work Instant ocean salt
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