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30 Gallon, 36x13x17 inch
Fluval 205 canister filter rated up to 40G
3 powerheads:
- Hydor koralia nano 425
- Hydor koralia 550
- Marineland MaxiJet 400 in the aeriation mode
Skimmer: Hydor Slim Skim Nano internal skimmer

PH: 8.0-8.1
SG: 1.025
Temperature: 77F

SPS'n It!
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Lookin good! Would prob stop usin the cannister if it were mine.It's not really neccesary and could cause problems.Nice tank tho.:beer:

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Upgraded to 90G

So now it is:

Eheim Compact+ 5000 pump
EShopps S-150 cone skimmer
2x1400 Gph Koralia pumps, controlled by Hydor wave maker, so at any time only one of them is running
Plus I have 550 gph and another tiny Koralia pumps running all the time
Marineland reef capable LED lights
Temperature 76F
Salinity 1.025 s.g.
PH is at 8.2
Ca about 420-480, I add Ca manually when it drops below 420
KH at 10degrees

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This needs to be updated.

  • DT volume: 90G
  • 30G Refugium - LED lights, block of MarinePure ceramics media, experimenting with algae scrubbing, no sand, golf ball size chaeto, not growing
  • Return pump: Eheim Compact+ 5000 pump
  • Skimmer: EShopps S-150 cone skimmer
  • Water circulation:VorTech MP40, 1400 GPH Koralia, 550 GPH Koralia, 2 Jebao WP25
  • Sand in DT: 1-3 inches
  • GFO reactor
  • Light: ReefBreeders 48inch
  • Temperature 80F
  • Salinity 1.026 s.g.
  • PH 8-8.2
  • Ca 420-450ppm, auto dosing CaCl2 1 time a day
  • KH 8, auto dosing Baking Soda 5 times a day
  • Mg around 1400, manual dosing MgCl2
  • Iodide - target 0.05ppm, manual dosing
  • NO3 - 2-5ppm

SPS: Birds nest, Montipora, Acropora, Psammocora, Pavona
LPS: Frogspawn, Goniopora, Pectinia, Acan, Trumpet, Candy Cane, Leather, some Zoas, Xenia, Mushrooms including Ricordea
Anemones: BTA and 2 rock flowers
Fish: Yellow Tang, 2 damsels, Ocellaris clown
Snails, 3 hermits, green brittle star (steals food from corals all the time:)), fire shrimp, trapeze crab, porcelain crab

Water changes every 1 or 2 weeks, 5G, vacuuming of the refugium floor.
No regular sand syphoning
Measure KH and Ca 2 times a week
Dosing Oyster Feast and Phyto Feast
Feeding fish once per day using auto feeder plus occasional feeding with flakes and other things
Feeding corals with variety of things about 2 times a week

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My Nano Tank

10gal tank
Fluval AquaClear Power Filter HOB (poly filter pad and Marinepure bio filters)
Hydor Koralia Nano Aquarium Circulation Pump 240
Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light 18-24 inch
Aqueon Pro Heater 50

Live stock
10lb of live crush coral sand
11lbs of live rock
2 clown fish
1 Torch coral frag
1 Hammer coral frag
1 Zoanthid frag
1 cleaner shrimp
5 snails

Parameters as of 9-22-15
PH 8.2
Salinity 1.23
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 0
Ammonia 0
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