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180g Reef Tank
Tank is acrylic and has euroreef bracing, 1/2" (upgraded from 135g Oceanic)
DIY overflow and bulkhead installation
1200gph CLS via 3 subterranean jets
52g diy acrylic refugium with experimental detrius trap
600gph return to tank
4" DSB in main display
2x250w Iwasaki's (6500k)
8x32w PC's-4 blue and 4 50/50
140lbs LR
300w heater, not sure on the brand
Turbo Countercurrent skimmer

Gold Crown Sarcophyton
Green Star Polyps
Purple Gorgonian
Red Tree Gorgonian
Green Ricordia mushrooms

Maroon Clown

What's the future hold?
larger pump for the CLS, flow is a little lower than I like.
I'll likely stay with the softies and other lower light requiring corals
Fish, reef friendly varieties, but will definitely have a Foxface, 2 tangs, (never can make up my mind on which ones I like the best!) and a dwarf angel of some type.
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