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:confused: unfortunately i switch lfss while in the process of setting up my 50 gal reef to be. as a result i think i am employing a mixed bag of techniques and methodology. could anybody please help me out and point me in the right direction as far as changes and modifications

*50gal 3' tank w/ 20gal trickle/sump below
*filter floss->bioballs->carbon->return pump
*diy skimmer on the way
*70 lb of cured lr ~2" argonite sguar sized+20 lb aragalive sand
*amonia and nitrite undetectable and nitrate at <25 mg/l
*2 small chromis' and 2 small false percs
*10gal refugium to be plumbed beside the tank

tank is 3 weeks old and experiencing its first major brownslime algae growth. ive read previous threads until my eyes dryed out, but am still unclear as to the "properness" of my system.
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