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My private slice of the ocean

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37G Tank
10-15G Sump/Refugium
24" 24w T5H0 2x White 2x Actinic Light with 2 Moonlight LED's
40lbs~ Live rock
40lbs~ Live sand
Protein Skimmer (will figure out model)
1100GPH Return Pump
Powerhead (not sure what GPH but it is Hydor)
HOB Return to sump


Fish / Inverts

2x Ocellaris Clowns
1x Royal Gramma
4x Blue legged Hermits
4x Snails (not sure which type)
1x Sand sifting Star




1x Duncan Head
1x Green Star Polyp frag
1x Fire n Ice Zoa frag
1x Frogspawn Frag
1x Candy Cane frag


Water temp fluctuates between 74-78 through out the day.
I try to keep salinity at 1.025

If I missed anything let me know, and will update this as time goes on.

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I added two overview pics, will add more as it progresses.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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