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My nano reef

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This is my 15 gallon nano reef, It has been going for about 3 months, I have 20 lbs of rock and a 3 inch LSB, a few mushrooms and some macro algea, I have 55 watts of 50/50 and a 13 watt actinic blue, all PC from custome sea life, the filter is built right into the back of the tank, I have a small skimmer in the back of it too, I bought the live rock from premium aquatics , since it is not to far from me,,,, everthing seems to be doing well. I also conduct a 5 gallon water change bi weekly, I hope you like it!! thanks Bryan


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Is that a true percula clown, what fish do you have in there? And by the way your tank looks awesome!
a Question

i noticed you mentioned you have a small protien skimmer on it too. I have a 12 gallon nanocube that i have set up as a nanoreef and am looking to add a skimmer, what kind of skimmer are you using and where did you purchase it? I have been looking all over for a small skimmmer for my nanoreef without much luck. thanks for any info you can provide
Nice loooking tank Bryjo


I used a lee's air driven skimmer, I had to modify it, by cutting it down from a 18 inch to a 10 inch, but seems to be working very well, at least im happy with it, and so is my clown, I also have a clow gobby in there to, there is 12 astrea snails, 12 blue leg hermit, and 3 pepermint shrimp, a few different kinds of mushrooms and a few kinds of polyps, also some macro algea, I have around $ 500.00 in it which is not alot, but when Im done it will be alot nicer, Im just seeing what will happenen, anyway any more ?'s feel free to ask !!


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What kind of tank do you have?
It is a customsealife 15 gallon acrylic, with a built in wet/dry on the back , kinda like a bow front style, its really neet
I love the fuge thing on the back, that's awesome, and that yellow fish is surely studly
studly fish

lol thanks man, that is a clown blenny, he is kinda strange, i dont know if he is going to make one day afetr another, he keeps getting sucked into the overflow!
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