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chemicals used
mrs wages pickling lime(kalk)
kents iodide
instant ocean reef salt in rodi water
distilled white vinegar

after reading this
i decided to switch from kalk to kalk plus vinegar

i've had good look in the past by adding one teaspoon of kalk to 2.5 gallons and feeding it into my 40g over about an hour for a top off. not the best method but it has worked. i run the drip line just about the bottom so i don't suck in the settled kalk. this happens once a week.

results. some coloration improvement in coral and coraline in the tank.

i then added one teaspoon of iodide to the mix and got even better results.

next i added one teaspoon of white vinegar to the mix.
at this point i got a noticeable decrease in algae like funk in the tank. the rocks now seem dry if that makes sense.

for this last test i added two teaspoons of kalk, one of vinegar and one of iodine.

this time the talk reacted poorly at first. the LPSs were not happy at all.
but later that day the tank came back like gangbusters. i had a two spots of large green zoas that were brown. they came back a deep green and my small zoas turned bright neon green. the LPSs came back bigger and brighter then ever!

i'm dang near color blind so i don't test my tank i just watch very closely and do water changes when it gets fussy. strange as it, this method works great for me.

1.what happened? why did the zoas get their color back?
2.did i go to fast? i'd like to use this same mix again but i don't want to stress them that hard.
3.all i test is temp and salinity. what digital monitor should i get next and would it help in pushing this method further.

it's the best the tank has ever looked and i'm try to fine tune this so i don't crash or over stress the tank.
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