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This is just my "first draft" of inhabitants for my 30g cube (20x18x21) with a 175w MH, and 2x24 CF's, with of course LR (not sure how much right now) and probably 3-4" LS. A skimmer, and 1 or 2 powerheads will be included too. Here my list of things wanted right now, let me hear your opinions good or bad any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

-Gorgonian - carribean encrusting
-Waving Hand Coral
-mushroom polyp
-Brush Coral
-Finger Coral
-Feather Duster
-Cleaner Shrimp
-Emerald Crab
-Some hermit crabs
-Tridacna Clam
-Bubble shell slug
-Blue linckia starfish
-Short spined brittle starfish
-Long spined urchin
-Clown Fish

Sorry about that being such a long list. Also keep in mind I'm a beginner, but I've been doing my research for the past couple of months and I'm still going to be for the next month or so.

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Whoops, sorry I forgot to mention up there, that I have none of this equipment yet, except for the light (which is in the mail). I'm waiting until I move next month, just basically checking compatability and whether or not I should wait until i'm more experienced before getting some of these animals. Thanks for your help.
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