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My friends and family think I am nuts

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Lol as its been ungodly hot here lately and I am not done with my home made chiller I have been useing frozen soda bottles to cool my tank. Well last night I forgot to refreeze mine and today I had company and my friend looked at me and asked why I have a dozen or so freezey pops sticking out of my filter.:) Needless to say I learned it is very hard to explain to people that I have to keep the temp of my tank down or the fish and everything in it will die. Every one was quite amuzed at the freezey pops but for a little bit they all thought I had lost it.
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Funny - I think we can all relate. The people at radio shack questioned me when I came in for 3 days straight and bought every 4" fan they had. Nobody at the grocery understands why I come in with seven (7) five (5) gallon jugs and hog the water vending machine either. "My -thats a lot of water you have there" is a common comment. You should see the looks ont heir faces when I say - "yea - it is for my fish" point in even trying to explain.

Good luck with the hot weather. Hope the chiller gets done soon!
Yup! Get funny looks when I go to the meat market and get 3 raw shrimp, 4 scallops, 2 clams, etc, etc. You get the picture!:D
i remember when Newfiemom and i had a small snowflake eel. she would go to the store to get a shrimp for it about once a week. the seafood person woud look at us weird! why would anybody need just one shrimp!:funny:

i am sorry to inform you, but we are all weird!:D

We are absolutely, positively 110% nuts, each and every one of us. There is no doubt in my mind about that one, especially Casey :) did you say 1000 gallons?
big t said:
We are absolutely, positively 110% nuts, each and every one of us. There is no doubt in my mind about that one, especially Casey :) did you say 1000 gallons?
You got it Bigboy:D
sniffing glue

I kept going into Office Depot and buying Ross's SuperGlue Gel until they recognized me as the "glue sniffer" and since it wasn't illegal, they just quit selling it! Decided epoxy is better anyway.
We're all normal and everyone else is weird.

There's nothing wrong with knowing the guys in the plumbing department of the local hardware store. It's a good thing when they know you are looking for a 1.5" ball valve before you get to that aisle. :)
aint that the truth!! heck i've even had the girl in the plumbing aisle at lowes ask if she could come see my tank when it's done :D i THINK she was making a pass at me, but it's been so long, i wouldn't know a pass if it hit me square in the head! :funny:

i know just how ya'll feel. i only have four fish, so when i go to the market, i ask for 1 shrimp, i clam, 1 scallop, and 2 oysters :D they always look at me wierd every time!!

and of course the i now have my own cart space next to the ro/di machine at the grocery store! lol the manager actual moved a display that used to be there, to make room, so me and my cart wouldnt block the aisle when i'm standing there for a half hour filling jugs :D

frozen soda pop bottles.... dude, you ARE wierd :funny:
Gee I must live in hicksville because if I want seafood for my fish I have to buy a container of scallops a bag of shrimp and a dozen oysters. Thank god for the deep freezer. Although I always wonder if fish can tell if something is a little freezer burnt.
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