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My fish are getting too big...

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I really like these guys, but the nutrient disposal is getting out of hand. They are pooping too much volume at too fast a rate. Time to trim the population. But because I like these guys, I'm concerned about just dropping them off at the lfs for a store credit. Can't be sure of the type of home they will wind up in. Anyone have good suggestions for finding good homes for for my little(growing) buddies. Maroon Wrasse, Sailfin Tang, Maroon Clown. I live in the S.F bay area.
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If I lived in San Fran, I'd take em off your hands.... I'm sure someone reading the boards will live close by and take them from ya...
Homme, well what would you be asking for them( would you shipp?) currently I have a 90 gal that they could go in and eventually by the end of the summer My 500 gal would be up and running, Im in Michigan. I would give em a good home Email me
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