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Questions for my first SW tank...Nano Cube LED?

Hey all,

I'm new to this board and new to SW tanks, so I've got some questions for you. I've been keeping freshwater for about 10 years, but have always wanted to try SW. I have a Nano Cube LED, which I believe is 28 gallons and came with a skimmer. I have had the tank set up for about 6 weeks, am using only RO water, and have had diatom bloom, and now this bright green algae bloom on my rocks (normal right?) that is starting to go away, and now coralline algae is beginning to spread. I have:

28 lbs of dead live rock (28lbs) from
6 lbs of cured live rock
A 3 inch live sand bed

1 nassarius
6 astreas
5 blue leg hermits
4 red leg hermits
1 red mythrix crab

2 green chromis

I would just like to know your thoughts on some things I am wondering about being new to the hobby.

1. Do I need to add more flow to the system, like with a koralia nano?

I was hoping to stock the tank with what I have now plus maybe one clown, one cardinalfish, and a goby/pistol shrimp pair and maybe a cleaner shrimp.

2. Am I going to deal with compatibility issues among any of these?

3. I would also like to someday keep a bubble tip anemone, some corals, and a clam, but don't know much yet about requirements for any of these creatures yet. What special requirements are there? Which types are best for my nano cube?

4. What types of bio-load issues will I deal with with this plan? I have a skimmer and a total of 34 lbs of live rock and a 3 in live sand bed, and I plan on doing 3 gallon (~10%) water changes twice a week.

5. Should I have more in my CUC? If so, what?

6. I've heard a lot about filtration with nano cubes, so what is best for the three stage media basket? I've taken out the ceramic rings since I have so much live rock/sand. I run a piece of filter pad in each of the first two stages, and have some carbon in the third, but what would be best for my planned tank?

Sorry for the long post, but I'm sure some of you will have great insight for a newbie like myself!:cool:

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sounds like you got it all figured out, sounds like a nice little nano tank.
clean up cuc sounds likes it about right, Im not sure about the fish, I recommend a hammer coral, so far my wifes id doing well in her nano bio cube, from what I have been told and seen in person, if the corals are doing well, your on the right track,
use the K.I.S.S. method and you'll do fine.

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i think your CUC is a good size, you do not want to add too much as then there will be more waste produced. maybe down the road a few more nassarius snails will help with keeping the 3" sandbed clean.

i have a 29G BIOCUBE and run 2 koralia nano evolutions in mine. they circulate 425gph each and have been a great addition to my tank. dead zones/low flow areas were an issue when i first started my tank, so i highly recommend looking into some sort of circulation fan.

also, i think that 3-4 smaller fish would be the max you can safely stock in ur CUBE before your stress the bioload.

good luck and keep us informed on how the LED's work out. i know i'm interested in going that route.
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