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Hello, I'm going to be getting my first ever saltwater tank in the next few months and I'm VERY excited! I have kept all types of animals and I have kept multiple difficult freshwater species but I have never kept saltwater fish.
My main reason to even get a saltwater tank is corals, I really really really love corals.
I am only home every other week but I plan on getting a device that I could somehow monitor the tank with or I could ask the other people in my house to Facetime me a few times a week to show me how the tank is doing but if absolutely necessary I will come home to check on them once a week.

I am getting a 50 gallon long aquarium that I'm going to turn into my first reef tank and Im very nervous about buying the wrong equipment. The tank is not drilled but I will take it to a glass cutting company if I need to because I would like a sump filter but I will use HOB if it works fine (I don't exactly care about it looking absolutely perfect). I also have tried to do some research about lighting but every site is telling me different, so far my 2 best lighting options are the Galaxyhydro Led 55x3w Dimmable 165w Full Spectrum LED and the OceanRevive® Arctic-T247 Full Spectrum Dimmable 120W LED.

My main problem though is choosing whats going to be living in the tank so I will list my favorite corals and living inhabitants here, I will also have a * next to my favorite

Star Polyps, Green Star Polyps and Daisy Polyps
colt corals
toadstool coral
*dented and closed brain coral
*hammer corals
*sun coral
frogspawn coral
*bubble coral
short tentacle plate coral

long tentacle anemone
magnificent anemone

Living things
*clownfish, preferred the maroon clown but if thats a problem I'll go for something smaller
*dwarf coloured sand duster
fighting conch
cerith snail
*red foot moon snail
coral banded shrimp

Again, I have never kept saltwater fish or anything saltwater so please tell me if the stocking would be too heavy because I will lower it down if it is.

Any advise is much appreciated, also please remember that the tank Isn't even set up yet and I do not have any equipment yet, this is why I'm asking you guys what you think is the best for my future tank (protein skimmers, lighting, do's and don'ts, RODI units, all that stuff) I know it sounds selfish to ask on here for all this stuff but the internet isn't giving me any good answers and from what I know from the freshwater hobby, the community always knows best.

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Welcome and have fun.
Best to stay with beginner species until you have more experience with salt water.
And wait for 9 months to a years before you think about adding an anemone.
Even the easy ones are not easy to keep alive as they need very stable water conditions.
Stay away from the expert anemone until you have a whole lot of experience and can keep water conditions stable.
It would really probably be best not to set up a tank until you can be around it more.

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Welcome to TRT!

Since your not going to be home for stretches of time, you might want to consider doing a coral only tank. Since coral gets the majority of their needs from light all you’d have to do is be sure your lights are set with a timer while you’re gone and they’ll be fine. Auto feeders and other people feeding your tank while your gone can lead to disaster- seems like 9 times out of 10 when we see people that talk about being gone they’re asking us to help fix whatever disaster occurred while someone was tank sitting.

All your coral choices look good other than the Sun Coral - it’s non-photosynthetic and each head needs fed individually daily, or a least every couple days. Given your schedule I don’t see that being possible.

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Thanks for helping me out, that thing about the sun coral I didn't even think of! I do trust the people in my house with feeding fish but only pellet food or something easy. The only reason I'm even thinking about having other living things in the tank is because the other people in the house also know something about fish keeping, thats why I trust them with feeding (right now I have 4 fish tanks they feed every other week).
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