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Welcome to TRT!!


while you wait for your tank to finish going through its various cycles. BTW-we can tell that the tank has not been setup for more than a couple of weeks max. start reading through this thread.

you are going to have a hard time keeping that clam (i believe it is a mussel) alive in that system and keeping the tank from being overrun by algae. those clams are filter feeders and need a lot of suspended organics in the water column. it is very hard to do this and keep the water/glass clear enough to see through.

TRT has a photo gallery (tab at the top of the screen) that you can host your pics on. could you please use TRT to host your pics instead of PukeBucket? that way the pictures will always be associated with this thread. using another host site leads to pictures disappearing because of deletion from the site, or directory changes.

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