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well to be honest brooke you could give any size tank but with 5000 i couldnt build my "dream" reef.... so instead i decided i would make my dream fowlr tank :). i know it wont be as "beautiful as some of the reefsthat will be thought up but enjoy mine anyway :D

so i have $5000... okay imeaditly take off 700 for wood and plumbing usually takes me doing things 2 or 3 times before there right...
diy hood :) with open back for ventilation

lights: 255.25. ice cap 2 bulb x 72 inch retro kit premium aquatics

substrate: 120 lbs crushed coral..(3) 40lb bags @ 19. 95 per = 58.95 premium aquatics

live rock: 180 lbs kaelini tonga ultra show (uncured) @ 3.99lb= 718.20 premium aquatics

Wet/ Dry filration: item # cr3000 from underwater creations 349.00

pumps: for waterflow 2 tunze 6080.000 stream pumps... (2) @ 184.77= 369.54
premium aquatics

return pump for wetdry: mag 12 97.95 premium aquatics

heater: ebo-jager ts heater 20.95 premium aquatics

Salt: Instant ocean- 200 gal bucket 42.95 premium aquatics

mag-float: magent up to 350 gal glass 19.95 premium aquatics

skimmer: turbo floater 1000... 208.99 petsolutions

all this = 2954.77 (including the 700 off the top for wood and plumbing)

With a fowlr this is where the emphisis is placed... the inhabitants....

1. (1) sea goblin 58.99 liveaquaria

2. (1) sailfin/ Rouge Scorpion 18.99 liveaquaria

3. (1) Leaf Fish 27.99 liveaquaria

4. (1) Fu Manchu LionFish 27.99 liveaquaria

5. (1) Hawaiian Dragon Eel 1199.99 liveaquaria

all this equals 1333.95
as far as cleaning the gravel... since i have a few tanks now ill use my gravel vac for that :)

my grand total= 4288.72 so i have an extra 600 bucks to take a lady out to a nice dinner and dancing :)

well i know it isnt as colorful (or in your words...beautiful) or as splashy as the others... but i tried to be unique with my fish selection.. a bit of warning no hands inside this tank....
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