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Eddie, a high end coral exporter in Indonesia, shares his coral hunting adventures with the world on his blog, My Coral Adventures. In this series, TRT takes a glimpse at what Eddie has to go through to get proper livestock to good customers. When we last left Eddie, he was taking and incredibly interesting aquacultured coral hunting trip in Northern Bali...

And now the conclusion of My Coral Adventures!

To finish off this topic, I would like to share a few pictures of wild corals that I have recently exported.

Beautiful trachyphyllias like this are not common!

Deepwater red fungias are more rare than the shallow water counterparts, but unfortunately harder to keep the color!

Beautiful Cynarina donuts are one of my specialties!

Blatosmussa wellsi anyone?

Wow! Three red yumas on one rock - impossible and way cool!

A basket of Bali brain trachyphyllias - also known as wellsophyllias. These have become rare over the years but I have a secret source! Once in a while I'll get a Japanese Ultra colored specimen that is just too unreal! One out of 300 pieces if I get lucky!

Another one of my specialties - palys and zoos! My picks are being sold all over the internet for crazy prices. This tells you how crazy looking they are. My sources in Indo tell me that 50 pieces of blue palys are waiting for me when I get back!!


Ok guys, that is it. I hope you enjoyed my guest post. Due to photo limitations, I was unable to do the full story. So go check out my blog for the full story to come.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an e-mail at [email protected]


This brings us to the conclusion of Eddie's coral hunting adventures series. For more on Eddie's escapades, go to his My Coral Adventures blog here.

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