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Eddie, a high end coral exporter in Indonesia, shares his coral hunting adventures with the world on his blog, My Coral Adventures. In this series, TRT takes a glimpse at what Eddie has to go through to get proper livestock to good customers. When we last left Eddie, he was taking and incredibly interesting aquacultured coral hunting trip in Northern Bali...

Here's Part 5...

We returned to the main city and the next morning, catching the low tide, I went to get more aquacultures from Sarangan, the Turtle Island. The water is more clear here and the corals are grown in more shallow water. Species like milleporas, tenuis, montipora species, seriotoporas, stylophoras, pocilloporas, all kinds of shallow water species of acros are grown here. But to get the better specimens, you still have to hand pick.

Looking for corals fun? Sometimes. But it is still a lot of work but the rewards are great. Just to hear from my customers how happy they are with the shipment is enough for me to keep going. Oh did I mention that I have a secret aquaculture project that I will be launching next year (2009)? And it will be huge, with the price structure to accommodate this slumping economy, it will definitely have a positive impact in this hobby. The mom and pop LFSes will certainly benefit the most.

This may have been a short edition but Eddie's Bali adventures aren't over yet. Join us in the coming weeks for this coral hunter's conclusion of his 6-part series. For more on Eddie's escapades, go to his My Coral Adventures blog here.

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