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My Coral Adventures: Part 4 Written by Eddie

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Eddie, a high end coral exporter in Indonesia, shares his coral hunting adventures with the world on his blog, My Coral Adventures. In this series, TRT takes a glimpse at what Eddie has to go through to get proper livestock to good customers. When we last left Eddie, he was taking and incredibly interesting aquacultured coral hunting trip in Northern Bali...

Here's Part 4...

But the dang walkways were the same - not too safe!

This platform focused on species like suharsonois, granulosas, loripes, lokanis, tenusises, and a bunch of cluster acros that look like purple banzais! After another 75 pieces or so, it was time to head back.

The tide had come in by the time we had returned. Check out the small mangroves that was planted by the locals - way cool!

A local aquarium trade fisherman coming in after a day of collecting fish. The good thing is that I saw nets, not cyanide squirt bottles - and believe me I've seen the empty bottles on the shores before! Note the innertube with a basket inside. The fishermen anchors to a spot and he swims off with the floating innertube. As he catches fish, it is kept in the basket keeping his hands free to catch more. I took a closer look at the catch - mostly common damsels and butterflies. But still, enough for him to make a living and feed his family.

After walking back to the aquaculture dude's house, fresh coconuts were served - right from the tree!

Where will Eddie's escapades take him next? You'll just have to wait and see! In the mean time, check out his other trips on his blog, My Coral Adventures

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