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Eddie is a high end coral exporter in Indonesia and has his own blog, My Coral Adventures, to share his coral hunting adventures with the world as he takes trips to find high end livestock for good customers. When we last left Eddie, he was taking and incredibly interesting aquacultured coral hunting trip in Northern Bali...

And now for Part 2...

Our first stop is this old delapitated fish grow out station. It is used as a base for aquaculturing certain species of acros.

We climbed up to the platform and below in four feet of water, you can see wild corals growing on this small patch reef.

We waited as the fishermen gathered up samples. Mostly common species like green milleporas and pink and yellow pocilloporas. But some of the others were really nice looking. There were three kinds of stags and beautiful they were! Couldn't tell from the sunlight and the pictures but I knew the colors would show under halides. The most impressive from this batch was the echinata, pictured on the far right hand corner on the bottom.

These echinatas appeared green-blue under sunlight. I "ordered" a basket of these and the stags and we were off to the second stop. I advised the fisherman not to culture the other not so desired species, or to keep them to a minimum. The fishermen doesn't really know what species is what and doesn't know because the other exporters have never told them - heck they even don't know. So a little bit of advice from guys like me, who knows the market well, can go a long way!

The adventures don't stop there! Want to find out where Eddie's coral escapades take him next? Well, you'll just have to wait and see! In the mean time, check out where his other trips at My Coral Adventures.

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