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SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shirley!
nice car and yard o bricks! VROOM VROOM!
(car was new when you learned to drive?) LOL j/k
nice ride!
back when cars was cars!;) :beer:

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Wow! Nice car :)

That brings back memories, I had a boyfriend with a classic "goat." Although it had a mystery vapor lock sometimes when the engine temp would get over a certain degree and it wouldn't start no matter how much you needed it to until the engine cooled down. (Like the time I turned the engine off on the boat ramp with a line of boats behind ours, trying to load onto trailors :eek: )

What fun Shirley, seeing that car out there on the Brickyard!


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Nothing else can be said but


Nothing in the world like driving Old Iron Cars. One of the Orgional Muscle cars.

I dont mean to jump on this thread but.......... I need some input.

I have a guy wanting me to trade a 84 Regal for my reef tank what ya thin I should do? I could get a apint job on it real quick and turn a buck on it and set up the new one even better than this one. He has all the hardware to make it look like a Grand National so I am considering it big time

What would you do?


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Jeff S. - I know what my brother would do.
Go with your heart and gut feeling...think how alive you feel when working on your passion -- reefs and old cars, for instance...this would be an oppty to create a new reefer and for you to work on both your passions! Or not. I have no clue the value of the car.

Alice and Jeff, -- yep, they don't make 'em like that anymore...and it's got a history of memories and a wall of trophies...and it won a lot of country drag races back in my brother's younger days!

~ Shirley:D
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