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This is my 5 gallon nano. This is my first experience with a tank this small. I was wondering if anyone has some advice on how to keep the water flowing. I currently only have a small charcoal filter providing movement and all the power heads that I have found are too powerful for a tank this small. Also, if anyone has any advice on keeping the temp down in this tank, that would be great. I thought about chillers but the least expensive chiller i could find is above 100 dollars, and i cant justify spending 100 dollars on a tank that cost about 10 dollars.


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Kill em all?

Gosh, I hope not;)
I have a powerhead in my 10g that I got at Walmart. I got it in the pond supply section. Its designed for one of those tabletop fountains and has 3 settings for H,M and Low. I am still working on my 10 but it seems to be doing great!!!!

I feel sorry for that clwon <><. Only putting him in a 5 gallon...

Even in the wild clowns are not free swimers. They get an Anemone and stick to it. And only venture away from it for inches not feet.

If your going to put a bigger fish in a Nano a clown is not a bad choice.

There are some really small power heads at some mail order places. Azoo make one I believe.
so why do my clowns swim the whole 6 ft of my tank?:)
Mainly because they have come to know that there is no killer fish in the tank and use the entire tank is their teritory.

Stick a nice sized grouper (or similar predator fish) in your tank (like out in the wild) and they will never leave their anemone.

Anyway I think you all get the point. Fish adapt to their envoronment. But in general clownfish are not free swimers but they will swim free in your tank given the right conditions. They will also host in a frogspawn -- something I doubt they would ever do in the wild.

Also fish do not have thinking style brains like humans. They have instinct style brains like most other animals. They don't have a concept of being sad about being in a small tank like us humans preceive the situation to be. They deal w/ what they have.
They may not be sad but they will stress out. A tang in a nano will stress out :D .... also my clowns have an anenome and they love to swim all over my 37g tall....

Prismaco said:
They may not be sad but they will stress out. A tang in a nano will stress out :D .... also my clowns have an anenome and they love to swim all over my 37g tall....

a tang in a nano and a clown in a nano are two COMPLETELY different stories.
yeah, you're fine with the clown, I've kept a pair in my 10 for a very long time and they're doing great...tank looks good, get some lighting on it and some reef action in there

PS: I use Maxi Jet 600 in my 5.5g and it wasn't too much was pretty big though, space consuming
The last bucket of IO salt I got had this little tiny powerhead, a micro-jet I think it is which might work for you. It was too small for my 20L refugium, but I guess it's mainly to stir the salt around.
Also, the tomato in my 70 rarely ventures far from the long-tentacled sarcophyton he's adopted when his bta passed. But then the sarco is on the opposite side from where the bta was, so I guess he's been all over the tank.
consider gertting some sand as well. would look a bit more natural. you could also use a bit more live rock.

and next time you take a picture, shut off the room lighting and close the blinds. the picture will turn out much better. also, a black background would make the colors in your tank stand out a bit more.

one more thing, resize your picture next time. if you have adobe or microsoft photo editor, you can also do a little color correcting as such:


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GEEZ everyone lighten up a little bit --- Begining to feel like R--f C------l
Wow bad vibes.

Anways i just bought a small powerhead from ebay for like 7 bucks. It is about the size of a quarter from the picture. I am buying two to try have some flow in my 3 gal nano.

Man, Ray, I want to see thoes!! Post pictures or if you get them in time for the meeting sunday would you please bring one?
Let's not turn the nano forum into a bashing party. It will not be tolerated....neither will foul language. Try to play nice guys. I've kept a dottyback in a 7g tank. One small clown in a well cared for 5 gallon is not so bad.

wow i am shocked to see some bashing going the wild clownfishes home territry is smaller than that tank...they stay in there anemone and wait for food to drift by....they very seldome leave our tanks they adapt....but they still spend the majority of there time in there host.......
Just for the sake of throwing this out there.

There are a lot of gobies and blennies that we breed in 5-10gal tanks. I just left a friend of mine in Marathon that breeds clowns for a business in 10's and neons in 2 1/2 gal tanks. They actually breed better in the smaller tanks.
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