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My 90 Gallon Rebuild

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Well my 72 Bow Front sprung a leak the other day, after having been rebuilt for only two months. I was frustrated and thought about downsizing... BUT, I had just purchased new lights, new skimmer, built a new sump, and a couple of fish. Not wanting to sell it all at a loss, I figured the next logical step was to upsize instead! :thumbup:

Got an Aqueon 90 with a MegaFlow. I'm currently still using the the 20 gallon sump from my 72, but plan on replacing it with something larger. After discovering the leak (only lost about 15 gallons) I quickly drained and transferred into some tubs, and all the livestock has been doing great. Sand was kept wet in a bucket, hoping for no/minimal die-off. The hardest part of the whole ordeal was catching my 3 Sexy Shrimp in the dark :freak: I wanted to minimize tub time, so I worked as fast as possible to get the sand and rock transferred, and re-use all of my water. A couple trips to get more water, and I was all set. Aquascaping has been a challenge to say the least. I was actually happy with my rockwork, and did my best to replicate it while managing to gain a few inches of extra height.

Tubs and new 90

Original 72 Gallon rockwork

New 90 Rockwork (so far). I have two Rock-Mags that I need to find a place for. I may stick the small one to the overflow box. Not sure about the bigger one.

So far everybody seems happy in their new home. Or maybe they're just happy that the water isn't slowly disappearing!:lol:
My concern now is figuring out how to place my powerheads. I had a 600 gph Koralia behind the rocks, and two 1050 Koralias for flow. But now the overflow is in the way, and I don't know how to get flow behind the rockwork. I'm not used to having an internal overflow, so I suppose I could use the added flow from the returns. But I'm not sure I want it too fast. Shouldn't I limit my flow through the sump so the skimmer can do a more efficient job? I have a Mag 7, which I had valved about 1/2 way in the 72, due to my noisy HOB overflow box. The new overflow will easily handle it now. Any advice on flow/powerhead placement would be greatly appreciated. I have two Koralia Evo 1050s, and a Koralia 2 600, plus the two Loc-Line return nozzles. This is a mixed reef with a little of everything, so I'm hoping to achieve some high flow, with some lower flow areas for the LPS and softies that need it.

Water Parameters:
Temp - 79-80
SG - 1.026
Calcium - 420-450
PH - 8.0-8.1
NH3 - 0
NO2 - 0
NO3 - <5

Nova Extreme Pro 6x54W T5
Super Reef Octopus SRO-1000INT
2 x Koralia Evo 1050, 1 x Koralia 2 600
Aqueon Pro 250W Heater

2 False Percs
Randall's Goby
Tail Spot Blenny
Royal Gramma
Bartlett's Anthias
Carpenter's Wrasse
Kole Tang
Cleaner Shrimp
Peppermint Shrimp
3 Sexy Shrimp
Tuxedo Urchin
Large Brittle Star
Serpent Star
Small Fighting Conch
3 Scarlet Hermits
1 Halloween Hermit
1 Hawaiian Elegant (Electric Orange) Hermit
Maxima Clam
Deresa Clam
~15 assorted snails
~2-3 little hermits

Orange Monti
Green w/Gr Polyp Monti
Purple Rimmed Monti
Purple Haze Monti
Sunset Monti
Blue Bottlebrush Acro
Purple Nana
Purple-Tipped Acro (Valida?)
Orange Digitata
Blue Ridge Coral
Orange Setosa
Yellow Turbinaria
Small Yellow Pocillapora
Small Yellow Birdsnest
Orange Ric
Closed Brain
Small Green Sinularia
Buncha small Z&P colonies/Some single polyps
(Mostly small/med frags to see how well they grow)
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Loog great.
I like the stand but it clashes a but with the lighter flooring....
Loog great.
I like the stand but it clashes a but with the lighter flooring....
Fantastic! Now I need new flooring!:lol:
Thanks gang. It may sound silly, but your compliments are very much appreciated. The other day I was beyond frustrated, and ready to call it quits. I'm mostly happy with the way things look, and more importantly the critters seem right at home.:D Now to figure out where to put my two Rock-Mags (the almost brand new, stark white magnetic thingies in the original 72 gal pic) or if I need to add them at all.
Out of curiosity was the old tank a reseal by you if so what silicone ect did you use

Thanks kz
No the old tank was original silicone. It's an All Glass, about 6 years old. I have always kept it level, but apparently I may have done something to stress it :cry:

At least my sister wants it for their family's box turtle, so it will still be in service :thumbup:
looks great.

power head placement. are they on timers? you might want to place them on timers and possibly get a third and place it in the front right corner up high and aim it diagonally across the tank. this will cause a cross patter near the center of the tank with the powerhead in the back right. this cross pattern creates a lot of random flow allowing the LR to clean itself of detritus. cycling the powerheads on and off throughout the day would also help create random flow patterns in different areas of the tank.

Thanks for the suggestion, Geoff. I was thinking about putting them on timers. Someday I may invest in a controller, but I was thinking that a couple inexpensive timers would be worthwhile in the meantime. What sort of intervals do you recommend? I was pondering L Side ON/R Side off for x amount of time, then Both for y amount of time (shorter interval?), then R Side ON/L side off for z amount of time. Just not sure if I'm looking at minutes or hours. Last night I placed the 600 gph Koralia in the rear center, blowing at the front glass. It seems to create some decent turbulence throughout, while providing slightly less flow in a few pockets where I am thinking of placing some LPS. This gives me about 35X turnover if I count the return, and IF the gph ratings are accurate on my devices.
just play around with the timing. the object is to just keep it changing. you can only have one on for a few hours or so and that is fine. the more it changes the less likely low spots can develop. the constant changing flow keeps things always on the move. i would not have a pump cycle on for any shorter than an hour. it takes several minutes for flows to develop in the tank to get to all areas. keeping the cross flow is also good.

it can be as simple as pump one on and off every 2 hours, pump 2 every 3 hours and pump 3 every 4 hours. just play with it.

Well it looks like I have some playin' to do! Thanks for the suggestions. :)
Updated pics

Been a while, so I thought I'd share some recent pictures. The new tank is doing very well.

New ATI bulbs

Pink Birdsnest - I think he's a bit brown due to my acclimation process to the new bulbs. Hopefully he colors up soon


A couple softies

They have become pretty good pals

Frogspawn growing fast and my cleaner shrimp becoming less shy

Zoas finally multiplying on the rack

Hungry Brain

Sexy Shrimp

Crab and Blue Ridge Coral

Tail Spot getting a cleaning

Tail Spot with some Bam Bams

Tuxedo Urchin

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Everything is looking great!! Thanks for sharing.
WOW! beautiful! what kind of camera are you using? just curious, because I've never been able to take that nice of pics? but your tank is amazing! i wish i would have went with a 90 gallon instead of a 75
Thanks very much everyone! This is my first attempt at a few SPS corals. I'm hoping now that I'm done acclimating the tank to my new bulbs things will take off a little more. I noticed some bleaching at first, so I cut the photoperiod down, and screened the top with four sheets of printer paper per side. Each week I increased the photoperiod, then began removing a sheet of paper. I've already noticed some of the Acros coloring up in a few days time, so I'm hoping they continue. Actually most of my pics are just taken with my iPhone 4, using an app called Almost DSLR. The hardest part is getting the White Balance right. It also helps to have clean glass, otherwise I have a hard time focusing.
A few more pics

Birdsnest getting some color back

Hawaiian Elegant Hermit

My Urchin picked up a new frag today :)


Blue Shrooms
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Put my emerald Crab in jail tonight. He has started stealing food from some of my corals, and I don't want to chance it with my new clam.

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What bulb combo are you using. The color is gorgeous
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