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Hello to all, I am a newbie to the reef tank in all aspects. This is my first saltwater tank and I am hooked. I think the last fish tank i had was when i was 10 and i never took care of it. Good thing I went straight to a semi-big complicated tank. But everything has been going so easy and well with that tank.

tank Specs: 55 gal acrylic. about maybe 40-50 or so lbs of live rock. fluval 305 underneath, protein skimmer, another filter on top, two lights on top (one white, one blue) not sure of lamp specs..30W Power-glow.

8 chromies (eany, meany, miny, moe, catcha, tiger, bytha and toe)
Maroon Clown (Dr. Keneth Noisewater)
Bi color blenny (blemmy)
Dragon goby? (butter-nut) let me know if i am correct.
Bengaii Cardnal (Tonks)
Anthias (Mimi)

Pulsating Xenia, pink
Long tipped anemone
green palm trees (sm) dont know the name.

Cleaner Shrimp
2 Peppermint shrimp (mary-kate and ashley2)
horseshoe crab
yellow lightfoot crab
emerald crab
chocolate chip star
serpent starfish
Pink sea cucumber
5-10 hermits
5-10 snails

I've got the REEF rash!
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:wavey:Welcome to TRT!:wavey:Sounds nice but I'm not sure of a couple of things.!st fuval underneath?do you mean you have a undergravle filter?and one above?You don't need any filters,if you have the Live Rock and a good skimmer.All you need besides the two is movement(flow) inside the tank.

Perfeshunal Hikk
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Welcome to TRT. If you have a cannister filter down below and one on top, are you running one in a sump and the other as a hang on? Try to get rid of them. Canister filters become a trap for detritus and other stuff you don't want in the tank. The LR and skimmer will do the cleaning for you.
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