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My 37Gallon Tank

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:::Tank Specs:::
37Gallon Show Tank
3" Live Sand Bed
35lbs of Fiji Live Rock (more coming soon)
2 1x96W Coralife Aqualight CF hood w/ Quad 50/50 -Square Pin
2 302 Powerheads
150watt Heater
75Gallon Wet/Dry trickle filter
Berlin Classic Protien Skimmer

:::Live Stock:::
2 Clakin Clowns
1 Banded Shrimp
4 Green Chroms
1 Manderin
1 Damsel (Black and White stripes)
3 Bumble Bea Snails
15-20 Blue/Red leg hermit crabs
2 Pink Tip Anenomies
1 Purple Anenome

More Coming Soon....

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I would look into getting rid of the mandarin. My friend got one for his 40 breeder that had about 60 lbs of two year old rock, and that tank had pods EVERYWHERE. Within 3 months you couldn't see a single pod left, and a month after that his mandarin died. I have heard that you need at least 100lbs of well aged rock to support a single mandarin. ( This bugs me seeing them in tanks with no live rock, and fake corals at PetCo.) I bought a watchman goby instead. They aren't as colorful as the mandarin, but the personality is much better I think.
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