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Heres some specs
Tank is 60x30x24. Made of 1/2" Starphire. All DIY

Stand is 2x4 construction with 1/2" Oak plywood / with Black Walnut trim front and side panels that are removable. Matching canopy.

2-400w 20k XMS on a BluewaveII ballast.
Diamond LumenarcIII reflectors
100g custom sump (Aquatic Acylics)
Sequence 1000 series 3200 main pump
Large duel pump recirc skimmer (Aquatic Acylics)
MRC CR2 calcium reactor
200mg Aqua Medic ozone generator
All controlled by an Aqua controllerII
2-stream 6000s
2-stream 6100s
7094 multicontroller

Also 36x36x12 frag tank. With another 400w 20k XM in a DL3 reflector.

Lights run from 10pm to 8am.
I have VHO actinics but dont know if I will add them...

Frag tank runs 10am to 8pm

I use Reef Crystal salt and do weekly 30g WCs
Water tests
Sal 1.026
NH4 0
NO2 0
NO3 0
PO4 0
CA 400 +-
DKH 9-10
ORP 350-390
Temp 79

I started with all base rock and seeded with about 15lbs of live rock.
I have a shallow sand bed for looks and for a couple of the fish I have.

Fish list
Lawnmower Blenny
Twinspot Goby
6-Threadfin Cardinals
Copper Banded Butterfly
Scribble Rabbitfish
Highfin Goby
Rainsford goby

Have variety of cleanup critters
100 Astreas
36 Cerith
24 Nassarius
150 Micro blue legs
3 Emeralds
1 Sallylightfoot
2 Sandsifting cukes
3 Fighting Conchs

Thats it for now I will try to update as I go.

Few early pics
Tank, stand and base rock.

Picture of the glass top cut on a CNC cutter

Day after adding water and lights.

Lights When I had 3-400s. Have changed to 2.

Crappy flash shot that you can see the stand and canopy

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Looks great. Are all the rocks right on the bottom? Next time you shoot your tanks, I would like to see pics of the hardware!
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